Deva Haircare

  Hello! Welcome to the Deva haircare section of our website. We’re going to cover: preparing for your first Deva haircut visit, maintaining your deva haircut & deva product usage. If you have more questions at the end of this feel free to call for more instruction.

  Preparing for you first deva haircut
      First make your appointment at Kate Emilies salon with our trained stylists.
Plan for your visit to take 45 minutes to an hour for the service. COME IN WITH YOUR HAIR BONE DRY & NATURALLY CURLY, THE WAY YOU USUALLY WEAR IT, WITH NO HAIR TIES, BOBBY PINS/CLIPS, etc. once welcomed and situated, your stylist will consult with you about your goals for your haircut and haircare. Your stylist will initiate the service with a dry cut eliminating length and creating the shape. Once completed, your stylist will bring you to the sink and wash your hair with Deva products and conditioners made for your texture. Then you will be brought back to the chair and product (see below) will be applied and beautiful curls will be diffused/hood dryer until dry to preform a second cut to refine the shape. Once complete, the service is over and you may continue to discuss product usage and daily maintenance. Deva cuts cost between $55-$65 depending on stylist and length of service.

  Maintaining your deva haircut
       It is recommend to maintain your beautiful deva haircut to come in every 3 MONTHS to the salon to keep your curls and style looking fresh. We recommend getting deep conditioning treatments to love your curls. Frizz is the lack of hydration, a deep conditioner (Paul Mitchell Awapuhi wild Ginger Treatment, Oribe Conditioner for Moisture and Control, Deva One Condition, or a thick masque) is best for your hair every 2-3 weeks. This can be performed in salon for $15 added on to your service or at home. For at home, wash with a moisturizing shampoo (Deva No Poo/ Low Poo) and rinse. Apply conditioner starting at the ends, working your way up the hair, to saturate where the sun hits and squeeze out excess water. Twist hair up into a clip, cover with a shower cap, and leave on at least 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, apply product and style as desired.

   Deva product usage
 No Poo: apply a nickel size amount to wet hair, massage into scalp, this product does not lather but stimulates and cleanses scalp leaving natural oils for gorgeous curls. Peppermint fragrance with grape seed oil for shiny, bouncy curls.
  Low Poo: apply a nickel size amount to wet hair, lather thoroughly to eliminate scalp dirt and oils. Rinse fully and follow with a deep conditioner. This shampoo does lather, unlike No-Poo, and will give a gentle cleanse. Lemongrass scented weightless moisture with body and frizz control.
  One Condition: after shampooing, apply a quarter size amount of creamy conditioner with moisturizing olive oil and nourishing botanicals for softness and hydration. Lemongrass scent.
  Angel: start with a quarter size amount of non-drying gel, medium hold curl control without crunch. Work through hair in scrunching fashion defining curls.
  Arc Angel: start with a quarter size amount of non-drying gel, maximum curl control and long-lasting curl definition without crunch. Work through hair in scrunching fashion defining curls. Orange blossom scent lifts the senses as it lifts your curls.
  B’Leave-In: start with a nickel size amount to plump curls and add moisture and shine. Lemongrass scented to add body and enhance natural texture.
  Styling Cream: start with a nickel size amount and work into curls defining them throughout head. Lemon/lime zest and jajoba for defined and tamed curls with no crunch.
  Wave Maker: start with a nickel size amount and scrunch in with your fingers for defined waves. Passion flower essence for lightweight frizz control and texture enhancement.
  Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam: apply one to two pumps to fingers and massage into roots in scrunching fashion for root lift. Lemongrass and sunflower for volume, definition and shine.

The beauty of Deva products is cocktailing them together to find your prefect mix for your texture and style. Your stylist will recommend the best products for your hair type. More information is available on the Deva website: